FAQs about my bumps online reporting facility

What is a my bumps record?
Information on the use of medicines in human pregnancy is generally lacking, especially for new or infrequently used products. Over the years pregnant women have asked to report their details to UKTIS directly so that this information is available to other pregnant women who may need to consider whether or not to take a certain medicine in the future.

Our new online reporting facility offers all pregnant women (not just those taking certain medicines or whose pregnancies did not result in a healthy baby), or women who have been pregnant in the past, the option to create their own password protected ‘my bump’s record’. The information entered into these records is stored by UKTIS and reviewed periodically to help better understand how the medicines, a woman’s lifestyle or the illness for which she was taking the medicine, may affect her baby’s development in the womb.

When should I start entering information into my bump’s record?

If you are currently pregnant:
The earlier in pregnancy that you start entering information into your record the better! The most important piece of information to enter into your record when you login for the first time is your LMP date (or an estimate of how many weeks pregnant you think are).

Your bumps record is designed to enable you to enter or update your details at any time throughout your pregnancy. This is important as it is much more scientifically accurate to record things as they happen rather than to rely on memory. Any information you enter will be saved and will still be there for you to see when you next log in.

If you are currently only a few weeks pregnant you may only be able to complete the first few sections of your record. Please remember to come back and update it with any new information, for example relating to a change in your health, a scan result, or to tell us that the dose of a medicine you take regularly has been changed.

If you are not currently pregnant:
If you are not currently pregnant but would like to tell us about a previous pregnancy please go directly to the Previous Pregnancy section of the questionnaire and select 'NO' in response to the question ‘Is this your first pregnancy?’. It would be very helpful if you were able to provide brief details about all your previous pregnancies, not just one or two specific pregnancies that you may have concerns about.

What if I forget to update my bump’s record?
Don’t worry – we send all bump’s members reminder emails at regular intervals! If you have forgotten to update your record straight away please do so as soon as you remember.

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