Bumps Information Leaflets

Bumps  information leaflets are based on the scientific material UKTIS produces for healthcare professionals and incorporate information from all relevant published scientific studies. 

The leaflets are researched and written by a team of scientists and a consultant obstetrician who work for UKTIS. The team of specialists carry out literature reviews of all peer reviewed publications on a given subject. The scientific information identified is then synthesised and condensed to provide an unbiased and factual Bumps information leaflet.

UKTIS created Bumps in 2014 as a way of providing scientific information about medicines in pregnancy that was accessible to everyone. So far, the leaflets have been very successful, with around 4,000 hits every day. Although Bumps information leaflets are written with women in mind, feedback from health professionals indicates that they themselves also use Bumps to help women make informed decisions about use of medicines in pregnancy.

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Writing Process

Using the following process, the UKTIS systematic evidence reviews for healthcare professionals are updated on a 4 yearly cycle or when new data becomes available that would change the risk assessment.

Following completion of the UKTIS systematic evidence review, the Bumps information leaflets are written using the following process: